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6 Reasons Property Managers Should Cash In On Maintenance

Posted by Angelica Diaz

Maintenance is inevitable in the property management industry and every company takes a different approach to managing areas that fall within the maintenance realm. All these elements that demand attention, require different skill sets to be managed effectively, which often results in partnering with contractors to do the job. However, contractors can be expensive and run up costs.

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Topics: Property Management, Profitability, Maintenance

6 Elements to Understanding the ROI of Your Team

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

There are many key factors to a well-performing business and high profitability, what you may not know is your team is one of those key factors. A highly engaged team can help to keep customers loyal and profitability up, which is one reason it’s important to keep a focus on your employee experience as well as your customers. Training, opportunity for growth, and regular feedback (both positive or negative) are key investments in your team, that when executed effectively build trust, create respect, and grow your bottom line.

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Topics: Property Management, Business Growth, Employee Satisfaction, Budgeting, Economics, Profitability

Price to Profitability for Property Management Companies

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

Research shows that pricing is the element of the marketing mix with the greatest impact on profitability, in one study a 5% price increase led to an average 22% increase in earnings. While it might seem obvious, your profitability depends heavily on your service fees and product pricing. If prices are not optimized, organizations often end up selling themselves short, cutting out the opportunity for profits. On the other hand, if prices are set too high, profits can be put in jeopardy due to overselling your value. Pricing is a delicate balance, so here are a few considerations for companies reviewing their rates.

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Topics: Productivity, Property Management, Business Growth, Profitability

Growth vs Profitability: Does your Business Need to Pick a Lane?

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

When small to medium sized property management companies are looking to strengthen their industry foothold whether they’re just starting out or revaluating their strategy, businesses often have to choose between growth or profitability focus. Because of the crowded nature of the property management industry, selecting one or the other can be particularly daunting, so it’s important to think long and hard about the best option for your company.

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Topics: Productivity, Technology, Property Management, Business Growth, Profitability



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