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How does Management Impact a Team?

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

A positive work environment or workplace culture is a key factor in team performance, customer reception, and overall organizational success. People in management roles directly influence employee morale and job satisfaction, so it’s important that managers can, not only understand the job in terms of customers or functionality but step up and be leaders. As it turns out, most managers are promoted because of their skillset pertaining to the job, studies found that 58% of managers had zero training in managing people before taking on a leadership position.

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5 Soft Skills That Shouldn’t Be Ignored When Hiring

Posted by Angelica Diaz

When hiring a new employee, a manager’s first consideration when handed a CV or resumé is to look at previous job experience to determine whether the candidate has the skillset or background knowledge to preform as expected. What’s sometimes overlooked is a candidate’s soft skills, but when ignored it’s quite possible that the opportunity to bring onboard a valuable member to the team is missed. Placing weight on soft skills can help your organization cultivate a team that is cooperative and productive.

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How Can Your Office Space Impact Your Team?

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

Many may not realize it, but the workspace your team is given can significantly impact their performance. Investing in a positive work environment means you’re investing directly into your business’s and employees’ success. From productivity and profitability to employee health and retention, the office environment is likely to play an influential role.

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How Capitalization Rate Provides Insight into Your Properties

Posted by Tricia Gopi

The capitalization rate, sometimes referred to simply as the “cap rate,” is a concept that’s fundamental for anyone buying into real estate for commercial purposes. The cap rate is used in real estate investing to provide a clear ROI of properties. It’s typically depicted as a percentage and its value can vary over time.

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6 Elements to Understanding the ROI of Your Team

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

There are many key factors to a well-performing business and high profitability, what you may not know is your team is one of those key factors. A highly engaged team can help to keep customers loyal and profitability up, which is one reason it’s important to keep a focus on your employee experience as well as your customers. Training, opportunity for growth, and regular feedback (both positive or negative) are key investments in your team, that when executed effectively build trust, create respect, and grow your bottom line.

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Topics: Property Management, Business Growth, Employee Satisfaction, Budgeting, Economics, Profitability

Price to Profitability for Property Management Companies

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

Research shows that pricing is the element of the marketing mix with the greatest impact on profitability, in one study a 5% price increase led to an average 22% increase in earnings. While it might seem obvious, your profitability depends heavily on your service fees and product pricing. If prices are not optimized, organizations often end up selling themselves short, cutting out the opportunity for profits. On the other hand, if prices are set too high, profits can be put in jeopardy due to overselling your value. Pricing is a delicate balance, so here are a few considerations for companies reviewing their rates.

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Growth vs Profitability: Does your Business Need to Pick a Lane?

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

When small to medium sized property management companies are looking to strengthen their industry foothold whether they’re just starting out or revaluating their strategy, businesses often have to choose between growth or profitability focus. Because of the crowded nature of the property management industry, selecting one or the other can be particularly daunting, so it’s important to think long and hard about the best option for your company.

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Why Should Owners and Tenants Pay Online?

Posted by Jessica Galeano

Customers increasingly want control over managing themselves and their business relationships especially when it comes to their finances. Online payments offer owners and tenants self-service capabilities that are customers want at an increasing rate. Mobile payments alone have grown in popularity as younger generations get older and have more spending power – studies show that 33% of millennials use cash while only 18% of Generation Z relies on cash. The ever-evolving industry can be difficult to keep up with but stay in-sync with trends can offer benefits to customers and property managers, here’s what you need to know about online payments for your owners and tenants.

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5 Tips for Minimizing the Duration of Vacancies

Posted by Jennifer McCready

Having vacancies for too long can be bad for business, they can reduce cashflow, customer satisfaction, and employee morale. No matter how well you advertise or how well you maintain your customer relationships there will be turnover and vacancies. While it’s less than ideal, it’s not an impossible situation, here are 5 strategies to reduce the time units spend vacant.

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Would Your Property Management Company Benefit from Mobile CRM?

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

Mobile CRM (customer relationship management) technology is a platform that enables frontline staff to conveniently access CRM software and functionality from any internet-enabled mobile device from smartphones to tablets. The CRM market has experienced unprecedent growth globally, by 2023 Satista projects the CRM software market to grow $40.26 billion USD. Mobile CRM allows remote workers to interact with customer and prospect data to execute from marketing and sales to customer support.

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