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6 Key Negotiations Skills for Your Next Business Meeting

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

The ability to negotiate effectively is a key element in establishing successful and mutually-beneficial business deals. Without strong and strategic negotiation skills, whether it’s with potential business partners, vendors, customers, or even employees, you’re likely to come out of a meeting with a deal that only satisfies a fraction of what you wanted. While not everything in business can be done completely on your terms alone, insufficiencies can have rippling effects on your goals for business.

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Topics: Productivity, Property Management, Communication, Business Growth, Organization, Business

5 Simple Steps for Successful Succession Planning

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

According to Pew Research, approximately 10,000 baby boomers will retire from the workforce by 2030. This means there will be thousands of projected vacancies to prepare for within the decade, however research finds that only 35% of organizations have formal succession plans in place.

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Topics: Property Management, Communication, Business Growth, Hiring, Profitability, Business

How does Management Impact a Team?

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

A positive work environment or workplace culture is a key factor in team performance, customer reception, and overall organizational success. People in management roles directly influence employee morale and job satisfaction, so it’s important that managers can, not only understand the job in terms of customers or functionality but step up and be leaders. As it turns out, most managers are promoted because of their skillset pertaining to the job, studies found that 58% of managers had zero training in managing people before taking on a leadership position.

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Topics: Property Management, Business Growth, Hiring, Business

5 Soft Skills That Shouldn’t Be Ignored When Hiring

Posted by Angelica Diaz

When hiring a new employee, a manager’s first consideration when handed a CV or resumé is to look at previous job experience to determine whether the candidate has the skillset or background knowledge to preform as expected. What’s sometimes overlooked is a candidate’s soft skills, but when ignored it’s quite possible that the opportunity to bring onboard a valuable member to the team is missed. Placing weight on soft skills can help your organization cultivate a team that is cooperative and productive.

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Topics: Productivity, Property Management, Business Growth, Hiring, Budgeting, Business

How Can Your Office Space Impact Your Team?

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

Many may not realize it, but the workspace your team is given can significantly impact their performance. Investing in a positive work environment means you’re investing directly into your business’s and employees’ success. From productivity and profitability to employee health and retention, the office environment is likely to play an influential role.

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Topics: Property Management, Business Growth, Employee Satisfaction, Budgeting, Business



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