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The Real Cost of Tenant Turnover

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

Tenant turnover isn’t just a hassle. It’s one of the most expensive components of property management. While the cost of vacancy eats away at your bottom line, there are a number of other out-of-pocket expenses that must also be incurred in order to get those empty units filled again. To put this into perspective, let’s take a more detailed look at how tenant turnover can financially impact your business.

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Long-Term Maintenance Tips

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

As property managers, we often think of maintenance requests as more of a reactive task. An owner or tenant calls to report something is damaged or broken, and we send someone out to take care of it. But this is actually only half of the equation. Keeping clients happy and vacancies at a minimum requires certain proactive and preventative measures. What does a long-term maintenance strategy like this look like? Let’s explore in greater detail below.

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8 Great Benefits of Association Management Software

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky

It’s true—property managers are always looking for ways to streamline their processes, gain a real-time look into their reporting and analytics, and easily communicate with their teams and communities. But for many property managers, finding all the right tools and systems can feel daunting. 

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