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M’akola Housing, a recognized leader in non-profit housing, utilized INFO-Tracker Property Management Software to manage expansion across multiple offices.

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky on Sep 19, 2012 2:00:00 PM
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M’akola Housing, BC Leading Non-Profit Housing credits INFO-Tracker Property Management Software for Award-winning Efficiency, Business Expansion and Customer Service.

Expansion covering vast geography with multiple offices, implementation of best practices, recognition as an industry leader amongst highlights of the last decade with INFO-Tracker integrated platform.

Toronto (September 19, 2012) – BC leading non-profit housing provider M’akola Group of Societies reported that INFO-Tracker has fueled improvements in operational efficiency and helped the company expand into multiple offices spread out across vast geographical area. Through the use of INFO-Tracker, M’akola Group of Societies was able to implement organization-wide standards and best practices and significantly improve customer service delivery. As a result over the years, M’akola has been recognized as an industry leader.

After more than a decade using INFO-Tracker property management software, M’akola, a property management company with focus on providing safe and affordable housing for families of First Nations ancestry reported significant productivity gains due to automation achieved through the use of INFO-Tracker property and maintenance management software. Since its implementation in 1999, M’akola housing grew and now services more than 1000 units throughout Vancouver island.

“It certainly increased our efficiency in the way we maintained our tenancy relationship, everything from applicant all the way through to eventual termination of tenancy. So that’s all definitely a much more efficient way then we ever did in the past,” said M’akola CEO Kevin A. Albers.

Albers and Regional Property Manager Yvonne Haggard said Netintegrity’s non-profit property management software has helped them streamline M’akola’s operations while ensuring proper implementation of the company’s best practices. The two also agreed INFO-Tracker has improved customer service in terms of delivery of accurate, easy to read information.

“Because of the consistent application, the way that things are done, it’s improved and provided opportunities to make sure that best practices are being followed,” Albers said. “I know it’s improved our ability to communicate with our customers and share accurate information with them in a more timely way.”

With properties spread throughout Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, and Port Alberni, centralization with remote access is the key to ensuring M’akola’s operations run smoothly. Thanks to the INFO-Tracker property management software, Haggard has reported a 25 percent savings in travel time between locations.

“The biggest thing is we’re geographically disbursed so it allows for a system to be rolled out consistently across a large geographic area,” Albers said. “It enables us to essentially manage the data and then it also allows us to roll out the solution to pretty much any location we want to.”

“Many non-profit housing providers are under continuing heavy budget duress and need solution to streamline and to reduce operating costs. INFO-Tracker centralizes all information and eliminates the need for different 3rd party software’s providing a powerful, affordable property management and non-profit housing management solution. INFO-Tracker can help non-profit housing providers obtain all potential value from their resources,” said Steve Vinnitsky, President and CEO of Netintegrity Inc.

About M’akola

The ‘Victoria Native Indian Housing Society’ was incorporated on February 6, 1984 as a non-profit society. The name was changed to the M’akola Housing Society on April 5, 1988. M’akola was originally established to provide safe, affordable housing for families of Aboriginal ancestry who were in core need of housing in urban centres on Vancouver Island. Since that time the Society and its mandate have expanded into what is now the M’akola Group of Societies. For more information, visit:

About Netintegrity Inc.

Netintegrity is one of North America’s leading developers of integrated property and maintenance management software. INFO-Tracker is the industry’s solution of choice based on automated functionality, cost, ease-of-use and flexibility. Netintegrity delivers superior implementation services, training, customer support, and incorporates customer feedback into research and development – ensuring its technology reflects the needs of today’s property management companies. For more information, visit:

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