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5 Keys to Optimizing Your Property Management Business

Whether you are just starting out in the property management industry or you’ve been in the business for decades, there are plenty of ways to get up to speed on how to successfully run a company in today’s digital age. Thanks to the many available tools and ever-improving technology, optimizing your organization so that it runs like a well-oiled machine and remains as competitive as possible has never been easier. It’s really just about knowing how to approach things and which direction to focus your efforts.

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4 Property Management Industry Trends to Watch for in 2017

As part of your planning and preparation for the year ahead, it can be helpful to get an idea of what things are expected to occur over the coming months. We’ve done some digging and come up with four specific trends that we believe will come to pass over the next year. So, without further ado, here’s what we can expect on the property management front in 2017.

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Why Changing Your Property Management Software is Scary

With buzzwords like IoT, Mobility, Business Intelligence, End-to-End Integration, Sustainability and Proactive Management flying around almost every industry these days — including property management — it’s getting a whole lot easier to argue the case for why you need property management software.

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5 Ways That Time Sheets Can Boost Property Maintenance Staff Morale

You might think that you misread the title of this blog post OR that we must be completely off our rockers. Because it’s pretty much a universal truth that no one in any industry enjoys filling out time sheets. However, we believe that the majority of workers loathe documenting their time spent on various jobs because historically it has been a tremendously daunting paper-based task. Imagine at the end of a busy day (or week) trying to accurately recall where you spent your time, what you did there, how long it took and what items were used from inventory.

Web-ready INFO-Tracker™ TimesheetLink™ makes it easy for your property maintenance staff to document time spent, materials used and any issues encountered as they complete each work order. Not only is it a lot less painful for them, but it gives you a more accurate view of the real-time status of each work order, how much resources are required for various jobs and the performance of individual maintenance employees.

It’s important to note that INFO-Tracker™ TimesheetLink™ is more than just a tool for your staff to submit their time sheets remotely. It’s a complete Work Order management system that organizes the scheduling and completion of jobs, provides relevant job details, sends alerts for urgent tasks and keeps property managers up to date on the current status of all work orders. 

Related Post: How to Persuade Your Property Maintenance Staff to Embrace Time Sheets

Here are 5 specific ways that this time sheet completion and work order management system can help boost the morale of your property maintenance staff.

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Building Walls for a Better Property Management Future

In most cases the phrase “building walls” has a negative association of putting up barriers and blocking things (or people) out. However, as is happening with many industries, building design and construction is currently undergoing a revolution of sorts, as revolutionary ideas are being introduced to solve problems related to population growth and urban density and the corresponding stresses that these create on our existing energy infrastructure and our environment.

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6 Website Mistakes That Could Be Costing Your Property Management Firm Business

Your website isn’t just a place to showcase your brand and let people know what services you offer. It’s the virtual front door of your business. In many cases, your website will be the very first impression a prospect will have of your property management company, so it’s incredibly important that you’re really wowing them in those first few seconds. If you’ve noticed that the traffic coming to your site isn’t converting as much as you’d like it to, chances are you could be making one of the following costly website mistakes.

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The Pitfalls and Windfalls of Managing Mixed-Use Condominiums

The trend towards urbanization is still going strong in most major cities across the country, driven by a high number of young, talented people migrating to city cores for both employment and entertainment opportunities.  And residential developers are fiercely competing for these buyers by giving them what they love — convenience and community. This takes the form of blending residential and commercial components in the latest condominium developments, with commercial spaces that include retail services such as food markets, restaurants/cafés, salons and more.

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5 Ways Your Property Management Business Can Benefit from the Right Software

Property Management at its core is about people and relationships. On the surface it may appear to be about managing buildings and dealing with things like by-laws, maintenance and financial transactions, but at the end the day the over-arching purpose is to serve the needs of people — and hopefully make their lives a little more enjoyable.

While some may argue that technology has made the world more detached from human relationships, we believe that technology can be an indispensible tool for enhancing the lives of humans and offers the opportunity to support more positive and mutually beneficial relationships.

Fully integrated end-to-end property management software can help your organization to achieve the following:

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How to Ensure Fast and Reliable Internet Connection in Your Property Management Office

No matter where your property management firm currently sits on the technology curve, these days a fast and reliable internet connection is critical to your day-to-day business operations.

At the very least, your employees likely use the Internet for work-related research and access to online resources, while a number of property management companies rely heavily on the Internet to run their cloud-based ERP systems and customer service portals.

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How to Effectively Address Building Security in Property Management

The subject of building security in property management applies to both the central management office, as well as the individual properties within your portfolio, as you want to protect your residents and building assets, as well as the equipment and historical data that resides in your management office.

Businesses have been safe-guarding their valuable information, equipment and human resources for quite some time with locks, alarm systems and surveillance cameras. However, the internet of things has infiltrated this area too, providing sophisticated features that offer outstanding user convenience and enhanced security.

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