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6 Accounting Hacks for Managing Your Rental Properties

6 Accounting Hacks for Managing Your Rental Properties.pngManaging rental properties takes much more than finding good tenants and handling the occasional maintenance request. Perhaps most important is the task of managing your rental property management company’s cash flow, which can be pretty complex. To achieve this, your business must maintain excellent accounting processes that are in line with your company’s overarching objectives. Here are a few hacks that can make this monumental task a little bit more manageable.

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5 Essential Communication Skills for a Successful C-Suite

5 Essential Communication Skills for a Successful C-Suite-1.pngChances are your communication skills contributed to your climb up the corporate ladder, but now that you’ve officially carved out your own place within the property management C-Suite, you’ve got a whole new set of communication skills to master. Being successful at the executive level requires the ability to encourage open, honest dialogue, reduce confusion and conflict, facilitate collaboration and maintain transparency. The five tips below will help you develop the skills necessary to be highly effective in your role.

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Cyber-Security – Protecting Your Property Management Business from Hackers

Think about all of the data your property management company collects, uses and stores. Now think for a moment about what would happen if an unauthorized party were to gain access to that data. Security breaches occur to businesses of every shape, size and industry, and they can cause much more than just a minor headache. In fact, some companies suffer so much financial and reputational damage, they can never recover. Here’s how can you avoid becoming the next victim.

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5 Management Lessons You Won’t Learn in Business School

If you attended business school, one thing you probably noticed once you got into the real world was that there are a lot of things they couldn’t teach you in a classroom. The reality is, great leaders possess certain soft skills that don’t come from a textbook. They come from real world experience and on-the-job lessons that build character and aid in the development of management best practices. Learning these lessons and gaining the unconventional wisdom that comes as a result can help you become a much more effective leader. That being said, here are a few tips that could be the difference-makers in your property management organization.

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Unhappy Employees in Your Property Management Company? Here’s How to

The goal of any business leader is to keep his or her team as happy, engaged and focused as possible. Unfortunately, there are inevitably going to be times in which one or more employees strays down the path of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. If you’ve got a couple bad apples currently working in your property management company, here are some expert tips for dealing with the situation in a positive, productive way.

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SEO Trends for Property Managers: What You Need to Know

Over the years, we’ve written plenty of blog posts relating to SEO and its importance to your property management company’s success. The fact is, more people turn to the internet than any other resource when they need a product or service and if your company isn’t showing up at the top of the list, you’re missing out on business. But like most web-related things, SEO is fluid. The formulas and algorithms change regularly, which means businesses must adapt or risk being left behind. To catch you up to speed, here are a few recent SEO trends that will help you stay competitive online.

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How to Turn Your Property Management Website into a Lead Generating Machine

Your property management website is capable of being so much more than just a placeholder for your business on the web. When properly optimized, your website can take visitors and turn them into qualified leads. Of course, all businesses want these results, but most fail to implement the appropriate measures to actually make it happen. If you want to turn your website into a conversion machine that will get you more engagement, inquiries, referrals and new clients, here’s what you need to do.

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5 Reasons Today’s Top Leaders Outperform the Competition (and How You Can Do the Same in Your Property Management Company)

Ever look at famous executives like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk and wonder how they got to where they are today? Obviously, there was a great deal of hard work and determination involved, but beyond this, there are certain traits that today’s top business leaders possess which have helped them climb their way to the top. More importantly, those traits are things that anyone who is willing to make an effort can emulate. Let’s take a look at five such traits of the elite that, when applied, just might help your property management company outperform the competition.

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How to Deal with a Toxic Employee

Toxic employees can drain all of the productivity out of even the strongest organization. Not only do they cause headaches for their managers and coworkers, but they can also make your customers unhappy, which could potentially impact your bottom line. The answer may seem pretty straightforward: just fire them. The problem is, many employees who exhibit toxic behaviors also happen to be extremely talented and have the potential to be a huge asset to their employer.

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5 Ways to Prevent Employee Disengagement

Did you know that only 13 percent of employees worldwide say they are engaged at work? That’s a real problem, especially considering that highly engaged organizations see an average of 10 percent higher customer satisfaction ratings and 20 percent higher sales. In other words, how engaged your workforce is can have a direct and powerful impact on your property management company’s bottom line. To prevent your firm from becoming another statistic, here are five things you can start doing today that will help keep your team engaged and loyal.

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