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The 4 C’s of Social Media Marketing for Your Property Management Business

Posted by Joseph Slonimsky on Dec 28, 2017 6:00:00 AM
Joseph Slonimsky
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The 4 C’s of Social Media Marketing for Your Property Management Business.pngThere are a lot of schools of thought out there regarding how to best leverage social media for marketing a business. In fact, sifting through the countless advice pieces and professional recommendations can seem overwhelming in and of itself. Wouldn’t it be nice to cut through all the fluff and get down to the nitty gritty of how to maximize social media for your property management company? To follow are the four C’s of social media that will help you do just that – generating more brand awareness, boosting client engagement, improving your online reputation and building trust.


The first key to successful social media marketing is producing and sharing quality content with your audience. Once people like or follow your property management brand, it’s up to you to give them a good reason to stick around. Getting to know your fans and followers will help you determine what their needs, preferences and pain points are. From there, you can create and curate content that addresses those areas.

The goal is to provide content that educates, entertains and engages your customers and prospects. As an added bonus, if the majority of the content you share is from your own blog, you’ll be able to leverage your social media channels to drive more traffic to your site.


People join and participate in social networks because they want to make valuable connections – not just with their friends and family, but also with the brands with which they choose to do business. As such, social media is a great tool for connecting with your existing and prospective property management clients, but only if you take the initiative to engage.

Answer questions, respond to inquiries, start conversations and participate in discussions. This will help you make more meaningful connections with your audience. Additionally, the more your fans and followers interact with your brand, the better your networks will perform, which means greater exposure and a steady stream of new leads.


If you’re not maintaining an active presence on your social media platforms, you’re inevitably going to lose the interest of your fans and followers – many of which will move on entirely. Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities to bond with your property management clients, or else your competitors will be more than willing to step in.

To maintain consistency, try utilizing an editorial calendar. You can also leverage one of the many tools available that allow you to schedule your social media posts days, weeks or even months in advance. Of course, automated posting should never replace regular live interactions; however, scheduling ensures that even if you miss a day here or there, your pages will still remain active.


As you’re already well aware, property management leads are really only valuable when you can convert them into paying customers. Social media is a great tool for generating new leads and if you use it correctly, it can also be powerful for conversion as well. Just remember, the first step in social conversions is conversation. Find a way to personalize your communications and you’ll be even further ahead of the game.

And remember to utilize all of the options that are available to you. Property management prospects can be found everywhere, from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. You don’t have to spend hours on each platform, but making a decent effort to be present on each of these networks can solidify relationships that result in more conversions down the road.

Finally, remember that social media is not a static activity. Testing and tweaking to optimize performance will help you stay relevant and improve your chances of turning your social connections into lucrative business opportunities.



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