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6 Tips for Helping Employees (and Yourself) Achieve Better Work-Life Balance in Property Management

Posted by Jessica Galeano on Sep 5, 2017 6:00:00 AM
Jessica Galeano

6 Tips for Helping Employees (and Yourself) Achieve Better Work-Life Balance in Property Management.pngIs your property management team dangerously close to burnout? According to the Harvard Business Review, employees that regularly take breaks and time off have 30 percent more focus than their colleagues. Furthermore, workers who feel supported by their managers in this area are nearly 100 percent more loyal.

Striking a healthy balance between work and down time is important – especially since technology has further blurred the lines between our personal and professional lives. And while work-life balance means different things to different people, there are certain universal strategies that you can implement to help promote a healthier balance for everyone (including yourself).

Set Boundaries 

This is the most obvious point, yet somehow the most challenging. Drawing the line between when work ends and personal time begins is an important step toward enjoying a more harmonious existence. Promote and encourage time when employees can completely disconnect, like setting a rule that no emails should be checked or responded to after a certain time in the evening.

Be Flexible 

The most successful employees are those who are given a little breathing room by their employers, so consider making your property management company a place where flexible schedules are embraced. A good employee will appreciate the ability to attend his or her child’s school play in the afternoon and will repay your understanding with loyalty and hard work.

Say ‘No’ 

Try as we might, it’s impossible to be all things to every person in our lives – including our coworkers. The property management industry is inherently hectic, which means there will inevitably be times when turning down a request to do something is necessary, both from a productivity standpoint and a personal wellness one. If you feel uncomfortable with this, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Manage Notifications 

The age of smartphones has made it even more difficult to truly turn off work mode. It’s easy to get caught up in work related activities when an email indicator pops up while you’re surfing the web or texting a friend. To avoid getting pulled back in when you’re off the clock, make sure your notification settings are managed accordingly. For instance, designate a specific timeframe during which no work-related items will be dealt with.

Practice Good Time Management 

The goal should be to work smarter, not harder. Rather than working longer hours or giving up your weekends, focus on creating a schedule that prioritizes important tasks and keeps you on track for all your other to-do items. When you practice good time management, you can get your work completed more efficiently so you can enjoy some much-needed down time.

Share the Load 

Undoubtedly there are others who work in your property management firm that struggle from time to time to keep all the balls in the air. By pitching in and divvying up the work fairly, you ensure that nobody ends up unduly burdened. And remember – it’s ok to ask for help from time to time. Practicing good team work will help everyone enjoy a healthier balance.

Promoting an environment that celebrates not just the work your employees perform, but also the importance of time off benefits everyone. Your team will be happier, more rested and therefore more productive and your property management company will thrive as a result.

What tips and tricks do you employ that help you, your colleagues or your direct reports strike a better work-life balance? Please share in the comment section below.

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