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5 Ways to Use Online Reviews in Your Favor

Posted by Jessica Galeano on Jan 30, 2018 6:00:00 AM
Jessica Galeano

5 Ways to Use Online Reviews in Your Favor-4.pngEvery modern property manager who has been in the business for some time knows that online reviews are par for the course. These days, people turn to the internet for just about everything – including sharing their experiences with businesses, good or bad.

You probably already have a strategy in place for how to handle negative comments about your company or services online, but did you know that there are ways you can take positive reviews and repurpose them as part of your marketing strategy? In fact, doing so can be a highly effective tool for attracting new business while also reminding current clients why they made the right choice.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas for using online reviews to your fullest advantage.

Spotlight your glowing recommendations

Many review platforms allow viewers to see details about the identity of the person leaving the review. In these instances, try reaching out to personally thank the individual for taking the time to leave a positive comment about your business. Then, consider asking if they’d like to be showcased on your blog or website. This provides you with the ability to move the testimonial right to your own site where it will be seen by everyone who visits your business online.

Include kudos in your email marketing campaigns

Good reviews make great space-fillers for property manager email newsletters. Simply pull a punchy line or two from a recent online review or even a nice comment left on a blog post and promote it as a blurb in your next email blast. The key here is to keep it relevant and also timely. For instance, if it’s summer time, pulling a review about how great the pool is at one of your properties can be a powerful way to attract new business.

Use survey data to your advantage

Conducting regular polls and surveys can help you do more than just find out how you’re doing as a property manager. They can also provide a ton of valuable data that can be leveraged as a marketing tool. For instance, find out how many residents utilize the onsite fitness center or the specific percentage of current customers that are highly satisfied with the services you offer, then showcase that data in relevant areas, such as your community amenities or ‘About Us’ pages.

Use social media to highlight positive comments

Many people turn to social platforms like Twitter to share the experiences they’ve had with a particular company, including the property manager with whom they work. Be sure to pay attention to what’s being said about your company on these social sites. When something good shows up, highlight it so your other fans and followers can see it as well. It could be as simple as retweeting a positive comment or sharing it on Facebook. Make it personal by adding a sincere note of thanks.

Beef up your email signatures

Snippets of positive reviews can also be used in the email signatures of your team of property managers. That way, whenever anyone is communicating with prospects electronically, there will always be a subtle but powerful reminder of why working with your company is the wisest option.

As a property manager, you are always looking for ways to reach more prospects and convert them into paying customers. Leveraging your online reviews in the five creative ways above can help you do just that.



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