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5 Ways Executives Influence Company Culture

By Jessica Galeano

5 Ways Executives Influence Company Culture.pngIn the past we’ve shared plenty of resources about the importance of developing a strong company culture. We’ve even shared some tips on how to create such a culture within your property management company. But what about leaders? What role do they play in nurturing the culture of your organization? In fact, those in leadership can have a significant impact on how the rest of the company feels, acts and believes. The key is to use that influence for good. Here’s how.

Walk the walk

The employees who work within your property management firm look to company leaders for guidance in more ways than just how to perform their job duties. They want executives and upper management to take the lead, set and communicate expectations and show them how to navigate change. That’s why it’s so important for those in leadership roles to lead by example. If you want your culture to be one of positive progress, creativity and innovation, model the right behaviors and others will follow.

Create a purpose

Your employees want to know what’s expected of them, what their role is and most importantly, how that role impacts the property management organization as a whole. Without a clear and focused purpose – whether it’s for an individual project or the company itself – your employees will have nothing to believe in and strive toward. Conversely, with a solid purpose in place, your staff will have clarity and the opportunity to connect with the journey on an emotional level.

Arm people with what they need

Most people intrinsically desire to perform well, improve their professional skills and make a difference. In order for them to achieve this, you must arm them with the tools, resources and opportunities that will allow them to grow, gain confidence and find their niche. Offer coaching and training and regularly communicate to reinforce your property management company’s mission, vision and values. Give employees the confidence of knowing you are investing in their development to help them become successful contributors to the organization’s culture.

Emphasize accountability

Accountability is one of the most effective ways leaders can influence company culture. When people are held accountable, they understand better what is expected of them and how the work that they do plays a part in the organization’s future success. To achieve this, start with detailed job descriptions and establish clear measures of performance and achievement (i.e. increase sales, improve client satisfaction, etc.).

Make it personal

In addition to the four tips above, leaders can have a tremendous influence on company culture by making things personal. The goal should always be to connect with your team on a more emotional level. This establishes ownership and makes people more receptive to change – including a cultural shift. This means taking the time to understand what motivates each individual worker and leveraging those motivators to drive results.

The individuals who are currently in leadership roles within your property management company possess tremendous power to influence and shape your organization’s culture. Applying the above strategies will help you create and hone a culture that will bring your business to the next level.


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