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5 Red-Hot Property Amenities You Should be Promoting

By Joseph Slonimsky

5 Red-Hot Property Amenities You Should be Promoting.pngAs a property manager, one of your biggest tasks is keeping your properties at capacity. To do this, you must find a way to attract quality tenants who are likely to stay for a long time, thereby improving cash flow and reducing turnover. All of this begins with your property listings. How can you make your rental listings more attractive so they stand out from all the others and draw in those quality applicants? Easy. Just show them your properties have something the others don’t. Here are five smoking hot amenities that tenants are looking for today.

Outdoor Spaces

The rental properties you’re marketing may not feature anything spectacular on the inside, but if there’s an outdoor space – even if it’s a small one, you could be sitting on a gold mine. The idea of being able to sit outside on a deck or porch, have a grill or patio set or let the kids play in the yard can be enough to sway potential tenants in your favor. If possible, include images of the outdoor area in your listing to help prospects visualize what it would be like to live there.

Enhanced Security Features

People inherently want to feel safe, especially in their homes, so if your properties have any kind of security features, you should be including information about that in your listings (even if it’s something as basic as peepholes or motion sensors.) Thanks to advances in technology, it’s more affordable than ever to install enhanced security features, such as smart locks and video surveillance. And since these things can usually be controlled by a mobile device, you’ll also be adding convenience into the mix.

Energy Efficiency

Another valuable amenity you can leverage as a property manager is energy efficiency. This may include an upgrade to the home’s windows and doors to reduce drafts and keep heating and cooling costs down. It may also include the installation of appliances that are designed to run on less energy. Not only does this reduce costs for the tenants, but it’s also more eco-friendly, which means it might be your ace in the hole for attracting environmentally-conscious renters. (Here’s a handy energy saving guide to help you identify more areas where you may be able to make improvements.)


If you’ve been a property manager for some time, one trend you’ve probably noticed is the number of millennial renters is steadily on the rise. As such, finding amenities that appeal to this generation is becoming even more important. One such perk is the location of your rental properties in proximity to social and lifestyle needs. For instance, does the home provide an easy commute or access to public transportation? Is it within walking distance of a nearby park, trendy restaurants, stores or a fitness center? These things may seem minor, but they can be very impactful to younger renters.

Smart Technology

Another thing millennials appreciate is the application of smart technology to make their lives easier. In addition to the basics, like WiFi connectivity, things like smart locks, smart appliances and other connected devices that allow tenants to control their living environment with ease and convenience are all valuable features to showcase in your property listings.

Marketing your available rental properties can be challenging. It can be helpful to have a few added perks to showcase – like the five listed above - that can catch the eye and pique the interest of quality tenants.

How do you, as a property manager, make your listings stand out? Which amenities have you found really draw in the right individuals? Please share your insight in the comments section below.

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