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5 Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Property Management Team

Posted by Jessica Galeano on Feb 13, 2018 6:00:00 AM
Jessica Galeano

5 Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Property Management Team.pngAs a business leader, one of your most important tasks is keeping those who report to you happy, engaged and plugged in. But motivating employees who have different backgrounds, personalities, skillsets and struggles can be quite the challenge. Thankfully there are a few tried and true strategies that can typically be applied to any situation. Here are five proven methods for motivating everyone on your property management team.

Communicate more effectively

If the only interaction your employees have with you is via email, don’t expect a great deal of engagement from them. Face to face communication, on the other hand, is much more impactful and therefore generates a much better outcome. By taking the time to communicate with your team in person, you’ll demonstrate that you value them and appreciate their hard work, which in turn will push them to perform even better.

Lead by example

What’s more motivating to you: a manager who sits behind the closed doors of his or her corner office all day or one who is willing to roll up his or her sleeves and work alongside everyone else? Most people – including your direct reports – would choose the latter. You can’t expect your employees to work hard and be excited about helping your property management company reach its goals if you’re not modeling those same behaviors, so make your presence known and practice what you preach.

Empower them

Your property management team is in the trenches, day in and day out. Chances are they know ways to improve service or maximize efficiency levels, but they’re not likely to share those ideas unless specifically asked. Empower your employees to take a more active role by asking for their input, advice and suggestions and then implementing those ideas wherever possible. Trust your team to make their own decisions and they will repay you with even more dedication and commitment to reaching their goals.

Provide opportunities

If there’s no chance of advancement within your property management company, there won’t be much to motivate your employees. Give your team something worthwhile to work toward, whether it’s a chance to move into a supervisory role or opportunities to learn additional skills that will help them in their future career path. Not only does this help your employees, but it’s also beneficial to your organization as a whole.


Not everyone is intrinsically motivated on their own. Many people need external drivers to give them the push they need to achieve more. That’s why incentives can be so effective, because they address the differences that exist within the workforce. Offering extra perks to strive toward, such as a longer lunch break, an extra day off or a gift card to a local coffee shop can be enough to tip the scales in the right direction and get everyone on the same page.

Motivation plays a significant role in employee retention and can really provide your property management company with competitive advantage. If you’re not actively working to keep your team motivated, however, turnover could become a serious problem. The tips above should help you keep your workers on the right track toward maximum happiness, engagement and productivity.


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