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5 Creative Ideas for Generating Word of Mouth for Your Property Management Company

By Jessica Galeano

5 Creative Ideas for Generating Word of Mouth for Your Property Management Company.pngDid you know that 92 percent of today’s consumers say they trust referrals from someone they know? Furthermore, 77 percent of them say they are more likely to buy a product (or pay for a service) when it is recommended by a friend or family member. Simply put, the numbers don’t lie. From a business perspective, word-of-mouth marketing is gold. So how can you get more people buzzing about your property management services? Check these ideas out.

Exceed your clients’ expectations

The first step really just involves getting back to basics. You should already list customer satisfaction as a high priority. Now, step up your game by making a point to not only meet the needs of your property management clientele, but exceed their expectations at every turn. Make going the extra mile part of your company culture and watch as your customers start spreading the word about your business.

Discover and promote your “IT” factor

What is it about your company that your customers cannot get from other property management companies in your area? This is your differentiator, or your “it” factor, and it’s what will not only set you apart from your competition, but also what will get your clientele talking. Find a way to transform a standard service into a memorable experience – to really wow people – and you’ll successfully carve out a niche for your brand.

Make leaving positive reviews as quick and easy as possible

If you want your happy customers to sing your praises, you have to make it as straightforward for them to do so as possible. You may also need to nudge them a little. Include links to your property management company profiles on sites like Yelp and Google My Business in your email communications and newsletters. When you’re concluding a service for a client and you know he or she is happy, ask right away if they’d consider sharing their positive experience. The more glowing reviews you have online, the better.

Promote your business and be active

You can help to keep your property management brand top of mind for your clients by maintaining an active online presence. Leverage social media to interact and engage with your audience. Share valuable content and post newsworthy updates via press releases and other PR strategies. The more buzz you generate on your end, the more likely you’ll be to get others talking as well.

Set goals

Finally, if you really want to start seeing results from your word-of-mouth marketing efforts, you have to actually set specific goals to work toward. For instance, saying something like ‘get more people talking on social media’ is too vague. Instead, set specific objectives, like ‘get X number of new referrals per month,’ and then develop your marketing strategy around those goals. Having something to work toward will provide the ability to measure results and optimize your approach accordingly.

How about you? Have you found the secret sauce for getting your clients to pass the word about your property management company? Please share your thoughts and insight in the comments section below!




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