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4 Tips for Hosting a Killer Marketing Event for Your Property Management Company

Posted by Jessica Galeano on Oct 10, 2017 6:00:00 AM
Jessica Galeano

4 Tips for Hosting a Killer Marketing Event for Your Property Management Company.pngBringing a marketing concept to life through a live event can be a highly effective way to create more brand awareness and build better client relationships. If done correctly, the benefits of such an event can be well worth the effort. But unless you have an in-house event manager, pulling off a live gathering can be overwhelming to say the least. Thankfully there are some proven strategies that can help your property management company host events that are both positive and profitable.

Treat it as a relationship building opportunity

The goal of your marketing events may be to increase brand recognition, establish your company as a trusted resource in the property management industry or even boost sales, but that’s not how you should approach it. To the contrary, event planning experts recommend viewing these gatherings as an opportunity to create and nurture relationships. It should be about getting to know your clients and prospects better and forming a deeper connection. From those relationships all the other things will follow.

Collaborate whenever possible

Marketing events cost money and while they may certainly lead to increased revenue, that typically doesn’t happen until sometime in the future. In the interim, you’ll need to figure out how to offset the upfront expenses associated with event production. A great way to do this is to collaborate with other local businesses that are complementary to the property management industry. This helps defray some of the costs while also allowing you to build and strengthen your B2B network. Pursuing corporate sponsors may also be an option.

Be strategic with your planning

If you’re planning a marketing event, chances are you’re doing so to improve your property management company’s bottom line, which means you probably don’t have an unlimited budget to spend. As such, it’s imperative that you are careful about what you spend and on what, as well as who you invite to attend. To determine whether a larger event is worth the expenditure, it can be helpful to compare the total cost with what you would have to spend to reach each attendee individually.

Avoid rookie mistakes

Before you set your date and location, do some research to make sure there aren’t any competing events also scheduled during that time that could potentially take away from your core audience. Only once you’ve cleared the date should you begin looking for venues. It’s also wise to create a detailed list and timeline of what needs to be done and when. This will help you avoid any potential blunders and prevent anything important from inadvertently slipping through the cracks. 

Executing a successful marketing event can do wonders for your property management business. By following the tips listed above, you’ll be able to put together a gathering that will have people buzzing about your brand for weeks and months to come!

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