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3 Questions to Ask that Will Help You Retain Your Best Employees in Property Management

Posted by Joseph Slonimsky on Oct 12, 2017 6:00:00 AM
Joseph Slonimsky
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3 Questions to Ask that Will Help You Retain Your Best Employees in Property Management.pngWhen it comes to asking the right questions, many business leaders make the mistake of focusing only on two times in an employee’s tenure – the recruiting stage and the exit interview. Top managers, on the other hand, recognize that today’s employees have a plethora of options and opportunities available to them. As such, they regularly probe to track employee satisfaction and keep morale as high as possible, thus reducing the chance of turnover. If you’re looking for a way to retain the best of the best for your property management company, here are three critical questions to ask.

Do we trust each other?

The acceptance of a job offer typically signifies some level of mutual trust. You’re extending trust to the employee to perform the work required and they in turn trust your property management company to compensate them fairly for their efforts. Ideally, this trust should naturally continue to grow and deepen over time. Yet, inevitably, things will occur that can threaten the strength of that connection, such as missing a deadline or neglecting to share important information.

Checking in on a regular basis to be sure that this high level of trust not only exists but is maintained is strongly advisable. This will allow you to address situations that may have somehow damaged your employees’ trust and correct them before it’s too late. If trust has become damaged, the next question to ask is “how can we rebuild and move forward?”

Do you feel heard?

Success in the property management industry requires a good deal of open, honest collaboration. If your team members don’t feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, expressing their ideas or voicing their concerns, this type of environment cannot be achieved. Furthermore, when people feel as though they’re not allowed to talk about their feelings, they are much more likely to feel frustrated and resentful. This inevitably results ina higher turnover rate for your company.

To prevent this, spend time each week – preferably in a one-on-one setting - asking your direct reports to share their comments and feedback. Doing this for just 30 minutes a week can dramatically improve morale and team cohesion.

What can I do to help you succeed?

If you want your property management employees to perform at their very best, you should be investing in their ongoing development. This includes setting realistic goals and – more importantly – arming them with the tools and support they need to achieve and exceed those goals.

Taking the time to check in with your employees to ask them what they need from you in order to perform their jobs better is an important component of continuous process improvement. Not only will it result in a more productive work environment, but your team will also appreciate the effort you make, thereby improving morale.

Finally, it’s important to understand that asking these three questions isn’t the end of the story. It’s what you do with the information you gather from these fact-finding sessions that will truly transform your property management company from basic to breakthrough.

What did we miss? What questions do you routinely ask in order to keep your finger on the pulse of your employees? Please share in the comments section below. 

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