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6 Ways to Improve Your Partner Marketing

By Joseph Slonimsky

image-1.pngDo you engage in partner marketing? Partnering with other trusted businesses in your area can be incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons, including increased property management brand awareness through community involvement. Whether you’re already taking advantage of these types of connections or you’re new to the concept, here are a few tips to help you get the most of your partnership marketing relationships.

Create a free “Neighborhood Guide.”

Most people rely on recommendations from their friends, family and colleagues when they need to find a local business for their needs. Stay a step ahead of this word-of-mouth approach by creating and distributing a free guide that lists all the preferred local businesses (including yours, of course). That way when someone is in need of property management services, they can turn to that handy guide and find your brand front and center.

Develop a rewards program

Consult with partner businesses to see if any of them would be interested in a group rewards program. Then, provide cards or key chains that residents can use at each participating business to receive a discount on their products or services. This generates brand loyalty by giving customers added incentive to work exclusively with you and your partners.

Proactively share the love

You want your partners to recognize the value of establishing a connection with your property management brand. You can do this by proactively recommending the businesses you are partnered with to your clients, vendors and residents. (Don’t forget to ask them to say it was you who sent them.) Your partners will appreciate the gesture, solidifying your relationship, and will hopefully return the favor.

Give back together

Strengthen your position as a leader within your community by partnering with local businesses to collectively give back. There are many ways you can do this, including sponsoring or hosting events. For instance, if you’re partnered with a local pizza shop, you might host a gathering where residents can socialize and enjoy a free slice or two. Or, if your partners prefer to host, you could work out a deal that on certain days, your customers can receive a special discount.

Utilize the power of social media

Your social media profiles are great tools, not just for marketing your property management services, but also for promoting your partnerships. You can use platforms like Facebook or Twitter to advertise upcoming community events and keep your fans and followers informed and up-to-date about the benefits they’re entitled to thanks to your partnerships.

Don’t overdo it

Our last tip is that when it comes to partner marketing, less is typically more. It may be tempting to link up with as many businesses as you can, but it’s much more effective if you create a few strong, strategic partnerships. This will allow you to more fully commit to making the most out of the relationships you’ve established and avoid spreading yourself too thin in the process.

Partner marketing can be a worthwhile endeavor for your property management company. Building strong relationships with other businesses in the community can strengthen your position, increase brand recognition and ultimately boost revenue. The six tips listed above should help you maximize those benefits for yourself, your partners and your customers.






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