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NICOR Set to Move Its Property Management System to INFO-Tracker™ Dedicated Hosting Environment

By Jessica Galeano

Leading condominium management services provider optimizes its customer service by migrating its operations to a state-of-the-art fully managed data center.

Nicor Community Management Inc. has determined that transferring its successful implementation of INFO-Tracker™ Property Management and Accounting Software to a dedicated hosting environment will optimize its customer service and operational performance — two critical factors in the company’s growth strategy.

“Through this move we are able to centralize all system support to a single point of contact while taking advantage of a high availability infrastructure specifically designed by Netintegrity to support mission-critical applications and enable users to achieve maximum productivity,” said Lindsay Torrie, General Manager at Nicor.

Torrie adds “Migration to the INFO-Tracker ™ hosted environment will provide our property management team and maintenance staff with mobile-ready capabilities that further enhance our customer service at the site level. The INFO-Tracker™ hosted solution will further improve the ability of property managers to effectively respond to customer inquiries on the first call, by having instant access to all accurate real time information. The dedicated hosting also gives Nicor the opportunity to provide additional services to our customers in the future, including fully integrated INFO-Tracker™ Condo Community Portals that offer 24/7/365 service and an enhanced community living experience, with the option for us to offer new comprehensive revenue-generating services.”

“We are extremely pleased that Nicor sees the value of protecting its investment and enhancing the services it is able to provide to clients with INFO-Tracker™ dedicated hosting,” says Ashley Valencia, Regional Sales Manager for Netintegrity Inc. “Beyond the comprehensive security, redundant backup and protection against potential natural disasters it offers, this cost-effective hosting solution enables customers to significantly reduce all costs associated with maintaining a high availability resource-intensive network infrastructure. The added benefit for Nicor is the seamless network scalability of the INFO-Tracker™ hosted solution, which has the capability to continually increase system resources as needed in order to meet the organization’s future growth demands.”

For more information about Netintegrity Inc. and INFO-Tracker’s Residential, Commercial, Condominium, HOA and Affordable Housing property management solutions, contact Ashley Valencia.

About Nicor Community Management Inc.
Nicor Community Management Inc. provides professional condominium management services. The company commenced business in 1980 and is well established in the Regina Saskatchewan market. Nicor has extensive experience in the management of condominium corporations and presently manages more than 50 corporations. Nicor Community Management Inc. is associated with the Nicor Group, a development management group which provides a full range of real estate services. For more information visit:

About Netintegrity Inc.
For over 20 years, Netintegrity has been assisting leading property management companies in optimizing their businesses. Netintegrity’s INFO-Tracker™ incorporates industry sector-specific tools for both frontline staff and

management, and is the solution of choice for many North American organizations, based on automated features, cost, ease-of-use and flexibility. Netintegrity delivers superior implementation services, including training and customer support, and incorporates customer feedback into research and development — ensuring its technology reflects the needs of today’s property management companies. For more information, visit:



COVENTRY — Managed by Nicor Community Management Inc.

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INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Solutions
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