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Netintegrity Will Preview Its OneLink® Portal at the ACMO/CCI-T Condo Conference

The OneLink® property management portal cuts admin and maintenance costs while enhancing customer service

Toronto, ON (Marketwired – November 11, 2015) — Netintegrity Inc. announced that it will be giving attendees of the 19th Annual ACMO/CCI-T Condo Conference an exclusive preview of the next generation of property management portals; INFO-Tracker™ OneLink®. Powered by INFO-Tracker™ Property Management and Accounting Software, the robust automation and collaboration features of the OneLink® portal enable property management companies to cut both administration and maintenance costs at the site level, while enhancing customer experience and opening the door to new revenue generating opportunities.

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Christone Enterprises Selects INFO-Tracker™ as Its Property Management, Maintenance and Accounting Platform

Property manager will integrate leasing, accounting, billing and maintenance onto a single platform.

Toronto – Serving the St. Louis Metro-East area, Christone Enterprises has positioned itself to effectively manage increased volumes resulting from a recent merger, by selecting INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software as its new property management, maintenance and accounting platform. INFO-Tracker™ is a mobile-ready Software as a Service platform that offers modules and tools designed for specific industry sectors like condominium and HOA management, 3rd party rental, commercial, non-profit, senior and student housing.

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Netintegrity Helps Property Management Companies to Protect Their Business from Fraud with State-of-the-Art Check Printing Technology

The secure solution also enables companies to reduce their inventory of check stock and save money.

Toronto, ON — Netintegrity Inc. has released the next generation of the INFO-Tracker™ Secure Check Printing Bundle, designed to enable its customers to reduce the costs associated with printing checks on behalf of multiple clients and corporations within their portfolios, while protecting themselves from fraudulent activity.

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Netintegrity Announces the First Recipient of Its "Super-User" Award for INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software

Awards Presented to Outstanding Property Management Staff Members of Industry Leading Companies from Coast to Coast

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - August 26, 2015) - Netintegrity has named Rita Lau of Del Condominium Rentals Inc. (DCRI) as the first recipient of its “Super-User” award for INFO-Tracker™ Accounting, Property and Maintenance Management Software. The recipients of the INFO-Tracker™ Super-User 2015 Awards represent a range of sectors within the property management industry, including 3rd party rental, condominium/HOA management, affordable housing, commercial property management, senior and student housing.

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INFO-Tracker™ Gives Property Managers Quantifiable Insights for the Hidden Costs of Administration Tasks.

State-of-the-Art Business Intelligence Tool Tracks, Measures and Reports All Actions Taken on Behalf of Each Client in Portfolio

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Netintegrity Inc. Recognizes the "Super-Users" of Its INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software with Awards

Awards Presented to Outstanding Property Management Staff Members of Industry Leading Companies from Coast to Coast

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Netintegrity Inc. Previews the Next Generation of Automation Technology to Property Managers

Vancouver, BC Is the First Stop in a Series of Complimentary Seminars for Property Management Executives

TORONTO,ON--(Marketwired - June 09, 2015) - Netintegrity Inc. announced today that it will host a seminar on June 24, 2015, from 1:00 – 3:30pm PST in Vancouver, BC; to demonstrate to property management executives how they can cut operating costs and proactively manage their business through the high-degree of end-to-end automation and reporting delivered by INFO-Tracker™ Property and Maintenance Management Software.

It is the goal of this seminar to demonstrate the quantifiable value of fully automated functions over existing manual or semi-automated processes. In addition attendees will get a clear view of how the seamless flow and tracking of information across all departments within an organization will save time, reduce errors and eliminate redundancies, while greatly improving customer experience and positioning the company for sustainable growth.

“People are often surprised in these demo situations, when they see firsthand the extent of automation delivered by INFO-Tracker™. Nine times out of ten, the people we meet are under the impression that their processes are already automated. So when we show them in a live demonstration that the tasks which typically take their staff hours or even days to complete can be performed with a click of a button -- with 100% accuracy -- they begin to see the significant impact that this technology can have on their bottom line. And they begin to realize just how much money they are leaving on the table,” said Joseph Slonimsky, event speaker and Regional Sales Manager for Netintegrity Inc.

The seminar will include an overview of INFO-Tracker’s core functions, with a live demonstration of automation in key areas of property management and how it empowers frontline staff to further improve customer service. This presentation will be an eye opener for the degree to which technology can increase productivity and profit margins.

Refreshments will be served and product demos will be followed by a round-table discussion with industry experts and peers.

Who should attend:
Any executive in Residential, Commercial, Condominium, HOA and Affordable property management who wants to learn how to grow the business without the need for additional resources; and how to liberate staff from menial and time-consuming tasks, enabling them to focus their skills on property management.

Pre-registration is required.

For more information or to register for the seminar, contact Joseph Slonimsky.

About Netintegrity Inc.
For over 20 years Netintegrity has been assisting leading property management companies in optimizing their businesses. Netintegrity's INFO-Tracker™ incorporates industry sector-specific tools for both frontline staff and management, and is the solution of choice for many North American organizations, based on automated features, cost, ease-of-use and flexibility. Netintegrity delivers superior implementation services, training, customer support, and incorporates customer feedback into research and development -- ensuring its technology reflects the needs of today's property management companies. For more information, visit:

Event Speaker / Media Contact:
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TD Commercial Banking and Netintegrity Inc. to host e-Banking Solutions Seminar for Property Managers

Free seminar coincides with the CCI/ACMO Conference/Trade Show in Ottawa

Toronto -- TD Commercial Banking and Netintegrity Inc. announced today that they will host a joint seminar on May 28, 2015 in Ottawa, to demonstrate how property managers can reduce operating costs and increase profit margins through automation and integrated e-banking solutions.

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NICOR Set to Move Its Property Management System to INFO-Tracker™ Dedicated Hosting Environment

Leading condominium management services provider optimizes its customer service by migrating its operations to a state-of-the-art fully managed data center.

Nicor Community Management Inc. has determined that transferring its successful implementation of INFO-Tracker™ Property Management and Accounting Software to a dedicated hosting environment will optimize its customer service and operational performance — two critical factors in the company’s growth strategy.

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Alliance Strata Property Services Positioned for Growth Following Implementation of INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - January 22, 2015) - BC's Alliance Strata Property Services Inc. reports that since implementing Netintegrity's INFO-Tracker™ property management software several years ago, they have created significant time-savings within their organization's processes, positioning them to expand their portfolio of properties without having to hire additional employees.

Alliance's Partner Karen Babych states, "We haven't had to increase our level of staff and I can't say that would have been the case without INFO-Tracker™. Our book of business has shown continued growth and can stay on this path of sustainable growth with the assistance of this software solution."

The most significant impact that INFO-Tracker™ has had for Alliance has been in the accounting department. "The biggest time savings comes from being able to do the same thing for all of your companies at the same time -- you get on a roll and just keep pumping out the work, whether it be deposits, collections, or reconciling, or paying invoices. We can get our 4 week accounting cycle done in 3 weeks' time," reports Mrs. Babych.

The automated features offered by INFO-Tracker have gone a long way to reduce employee stress and the number of hours worked, especially during peak times like month-end and fiscal year-end.

Mrs. Babych states that "Prior to INFO-Tracker™ we prepared our financial statements from the information printed out of the accounting program. This was time consuming, because someone had to input the data, someone had to proof the data, and then we had to make sure the correct version went to print. There was a lot of stress around this given the tight turn around between year-end and the AGM package finalization date. Now we simply ensure the year-end is complete and print the financial statements from the program for insertion into the package. This alone has saved us about 100 hours a year."

Alliance's customer service has also benefited from INFO-Tracker's remote-access centralized contact database. Mrs. Babych says, "When we received a phone call we didn't always have complete access to all of the necessary information for that customer. With the integrated system, we now have a wide range of information readily available from the software. This supports the high level of service we wish to provide to our clients."

Alliance is looking forward to a continued business partnership with Netintegrity. Mrs. Babych comments that when implementing a property management software solution like INFO-Tracker™ "Your support team is everything" and "Netintegrity's support team is extremely knowledgeable and responsive." She reports that when contacting the help desk "I get a response within 2 hours, but often it's a lot quicker." -- adding "Often I am surprised at how much knowledge some of the people have, even if it's not their area of expertise."

"We are extremely pleased with the success that Alliance has experienced with INFO-Tracker™," says Kimberly Lazier, Regional Sales Manager for Netintegrity Inc. "In particular, the significant time savings reported by their accounting department really highlights the degree to which our property management software is able to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks with complete accuracy."

For more information about Netintegrity Inc. and INFO-Tracker's Residential, Commercial, Condominium, HOA and Non-Profit property management solutions, contact Kimberly Lazier.

About Alliance Strata Property Services Inc.
Founded in 2007 Alliance Strata Property Services Inc. is a mid-size condominium management company located on central Vancouver Island. As it continues to grow and add properties to its portfolio, the company takes pride in the personalized and responsive service it is able to provide to its customers. For more information call (250) 951-0851 or email

About Netintegrity Inc.
Netintegrity is one of North America's leading developers of integrated property and maintenance management software. INFO-Tracker™ is the industry's solution of choice based on automated functionality, ease-of-use, flexibility and cost. Netintegrity delivers superior implementation services, including training and customer support. It incorporates customer feedback into research and development -- ensuring its technology reflects the needs of today's property management companies. For more information, visit:

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