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INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software SUPER-USER, Steve Hoock

Posted by Sandra Zimmerman on Feb 3, 2016 6:00:00 AM

INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software SUPER-USER Spotlight

We continually receive amazing feedback from our customers, who tell us; how much time their employees save with
INFO-Tracker™, or that they are able to provide better customer service, or that they have been able to increase their portfolio size with the same number of staff.

Of course we are thrilled to hear that our customers are experiencing great success with INFO-Tracker™ — that’s why we do what we do. But we also realize that much of the credit belongs to the people on the frontline — the ones who use INFO-Tracker™ every day.


On that note we would like to congratulate the first INFO-Tracker™ Super-User of 2016!

Steve Hoock

Position: Comptroller

Company: Affordable Housing Societies

INFO-Tracker™ User Since: 2013

Company Background

Affordable Housing Societies is the largest non-governmental, not for profit housing provider in British Columbia. Affordable was established in 1982 to develop, own and manage rental housing for low and moderate income families, seniors and singles/couples. The society has a portfolio of 64 projects/3,639 units in 13 municipalities, all located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Affordable operates under a Board of Directors made up of business, professional and community leaders. The Board sets policy, approves major transactions and ensures that Affordable’s objectives are met.

Steve's Role

By definition, a Comptroller is a management level position responsible for supervising the quality of accounting and financial reporting of an organization. Steve managed the implementation of INFO-Tracker™ and uses the system to track all financial data for Affordable and generate the monthly financial statements for the Board.

How INFO-Tracker™ Helps

The key attribute of INFO-Tracker™ that supports Steve in his role, is that it’s a fully integrated platform that seamlessly connects the property management and financial aspects of the business, to deliver a single source of accurate data.

Steve made us chuckle when he told us, “With this system you have property management staff who are making accounting entries, but they don’t have a clue that they’re making accounting entries. That’s beautiful, because they can’t make too much of a mess.” Of course our marketing department interprets this statement as: INFO-Tracker™ takes integration and automation to the next level, performing complex processes behind the scenes with 100% accuracy.

Steve also commented that INFO-Tracker™ has very good reporting tools in it, something that is critical to his role as Comptroller. He added that the company chose INFO-Tracker™ as its property management solution because it has those extra bells and whistles that they were looking for.

Given that Steve is in a management level position and continues to oversee the company’s use of the system, he’s also quite aware of how much INFO-Tracker™ streamlines processes across the organization, saving time and enhancing the level of service provided to customers.

Steve described 3 significant ways that the organization has benefitted:

1. Data Entry at the Source with No Duplication of Effort

“With INFO-Tracker™ rolled out to our 64 sites, our resident managers at those sites are able to log in remotely and enter the rent payments they receive before they are taken to the bank. Whereas with the old system, some of the sites would record the information in Excel spreadsheets while others would handwrite their deposits and send them to head office where accounting staff would have to enter them into the system. Sometimes records would get missed and we wouldn’t catch it until the Bank Rec was happening. With data entered at the source, a considerable amount of time is saved by our head office staff, giving us the capacity to take on more projects and more units.”

2. Shared Access to Accurate Real-time Data

“If a Resident Manager has just entered and deposited a rental payment, we know that right now, as opposed to the old system where they would bank it and then send that information to Head Office. Often it would be a week or even 10 days before that would arrive here and get posted. So now we can determine very quickly who has and who hasn’t paid their rent and we can be more proactive about that. Plus the site manager has that information at their fingertips. Now they can look up the same tenant history as we have at head office and they can print off a statement while that tenant is in their office — they love that! INFO-Tracker™ has given them a lot more autonomy and tools to work with on site.”

3. Automated Tenant Notices

“Our staff has also really benefitted from Tenant Notices. Our old system didn’t have the ability to connect notice templates with Tenant information —even to put their name and address on the letter. Now we have that capability in INFO-Tracker™ and as soon as our staff saw that they said WHAT? REALLY? This is amazing because we used to have to pull letters off of our old software and we would have Word tables with names and addresses in them. And we would have to check to see if anyone moved out since the last notice for that building and update the information. It was a long cumbersome process. Now all the templates are there and you can select one unit for that letter or specific units for that letter, or the whole building — and POOF! it comes out. So our staff is loving that. It has saved a lot of time at pretty much everybody’s desk.

Steve also expressed some surprise at how well their site staff have caught on to using INFO-Tracker™, given that they are generally more skilled at handling people and maintenance as opposed to working with technology. He states that “They love it because now tasks take less time than they used to.”

On the horizon...

Now that INFO-Tracker™ is successfully up and running at all 64 site locations, Steve’s next project is to move the company from its current paper-based purchase order system, to the INFO-Tracker™ purchase order module. He’s looking forward to the new PO system creating even more efficiencies and time savings for the organization.

Steve concluded our conversation by saying that “Netintegrity has always been there to work through whatever we needed, and I appreciate that. With our previous software provider we felt like we were left on our own. To try to call in to a behemoth of an organization that doesn’t even know you is very difficult. The INFO-Tracker™ Helpdesk probably has a picture of me on their dart board, but they’re always there to help. And I don’t think you could get that with any other software provider.

Stay tuned to meet the next INFO-Tracker™ Super-User!

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