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INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software SUPER-USER, Linda Flanagan

Posted by Sandra Zimmerman on May 25, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Linda_Flanagan.jpgWe continually receive amazing feedback from our customers, who tell us; how much time their employees save with INFO-Tracker™, or that they are able to provide better customer service, or that they have been able to increase their portfolio size with the same number of staff.

Of course we are thrilled to hear that our customers are experiencing great success with INFO-Tracker™ — that’s why we do what we do. But we also realize that much of the credit belongs to the people on the frontline — the ones who use the system every day.

Congratulations to the latest
INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software Super-User!

Linda Flanagan

Acting Chief Financial Officer

Company: Silvera for Seniors

INFO-Tracker™ User Since: 2003

Company Background

Founded in 1962, Silvera for Seniors (formerly MCF Housing for Seniors) is one of the largest senior housing providers in Alberta, managing housing for lower-income seniors across 26 communities in Calgary, including the management of senior communities on behalf of the Province of Alberta and City of Calgary.

Silvera is committed to being a strong voice for seniors, advocating on issues that matter to them. The non-profit organization continues to develop innovative new programs that extend “beyond Bingo”, to support active aging and reflect the needs of its residents.

Linda’s Role

Now Acting CFO, Linda managed INFO-Tracker™ implementation first in the accounting department and then, with the Silvera Leadership Team, strategically rolled out the system across the organization in an effort to improve internal communications, streamline all business processes, increase productivity and further enhance the company’s already top notch customer service.

Using INFO-Tracker™ to obtain business intelligence, Linda takes advantage of the many reporting tools and system capabilities available in order to accurately forecast future expenditures while proactively identifying and investigating variances.

How INFO-Tracker™ Helps

Silvera operates under the umbrella of 17 pieces of legislation and is diligent about achieving compliance with all applicable legislation. Many departments within the organization undergo regular audits to ensure compliance. As such, organizational efficiency and accuracy is a top priority.

INFO-Tracker™ provides a common platform that unites the various departments, helping Silvera to improve communication, collaboration and control. On the customer service side, the specific needs of each resident are tracked within the system from application to move out, ensuring that they have an optimal experience from placement to vacancy.

With specific reference to her role, Linda commented, “The General Ledger detail is excellent. It provides us with information about the transactions, who did the posting if it’s a journal entry, and which vendor the invoice is attached to — which is huge! When we go in and investigate accounts we can see exactly what’s going through them. So that’s helped us improve our accuracy.”

We asked Linda to describe 3 features of INFO-Tracker™ that have brought significant benefits to Silvera. Here’s what she shared with us:

1. Community Income Statements
“We have 42 different income statements that we have to prepare each month for both our community sites and administrative departments. INFO-Tracker™ has enabled us to prepare that information in a much more timely way. We’ve been able to cut 2 days off our month end, in terms of the time it takes for staff to prepare and generate the reports.”

2. Resident Wait List
“We can’t live without our Waitlist. We have tremendous history there. It’s a centralized database within INFO-Tracker™ that very useful reporting comes out of. The Waitlist feature also allows potential residents to be in line for suites in a number of different communities at the same time, making it possible for them to settle in to a residence sooner. In this way, the system helps us to serve the needs of seniors in the community in a shorter amount of time. INFO-Tracker™ also makes it very easy for all of a contact’s information to be transferred in to the new suite. No re-entry of data is required by our staff.”

3. Accounts Payable ACH/EFT Processing
“One key area where we found immediate improvement in productivity is in paying our Vendors. We’re really happy with the ACH/EFT processing capabilities within the system. It’s the ease of use really — the way the system automatically collects the information and gets the file ready. It’s compatible with many banking systems, so it was easy for our banking system to use. Plus the ability to email Vendors the ACH/EFT payment details — that’s great for our vendors and for managing our cash flow.”

And on the flipside of AP is our monthly rent deposits — that runs like clockwork because the system is very simple to use.

What lies ahead...

Linda and her team are continually looking for ways they can use INFO-Tracker™ to help better serve the needs of seniors in their communities while keeping operational costs low. Linda shared some of Silvera’s immediate goals with us:

“We’re trying to improve our unit turn around, so that after move out, somebody is moving in much quicker. INFO-Tracker™ helps with that because we can have our 3 different teams (Placement, Financeand Maintenance) on it, so we have more people aware of what’s about to happen when a resident moves out.”

“Up until now our budget preparation has been very Excel based. So for next year’s budget we want to open it up for our community management so that they can do their budgeting right in INFO-Tracker™. This will definitely reduce the amount of spreadsheets floating back and forth as well as the number of drafts. We’re going to use the budget module in 2016 to prepare adjusted budgets, so that as we go through the year and we’re changing our forecasts, everyone in the organization can see how their particular site is expected to perform.”

On working with Netintegrity...

“The Netintegrity team is really good at working with us.” said Linda.“They really want us to be a success. Any issues we do have, we feel we can work through together. So I think that’s important — that they’re a real working partner with our organization.”

Linda added, “The fact that they have long-term staff assisting us is great because they have familiarity with our initial installation of INFO-Tracker™. That really helps to make the implementation of new modules and features go a lot smoother. And the ongoing training they provide to our 3 primary admin teams is critical. No matter who comes and goes in our organization we can be assured that our staff will have the training necessary to make the best use of the system.”

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