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INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software Super-User Spotlight

Posted by Sandra Zimmerman on Jun 15, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Karen_Babych.jpgWe continually receive amazing feedback from our customers, who tell us; how much time their employees save with INFO-Tracker™, or that they are able to provide better customer service, or that they have been able to increase their portfolio size with the same number of staff.

Of course we are thrilled to hear that our customers are experiencing great success with INFO-Tracker™ — that’s why we do what we do. But we also realize that much of the credit belongs to the people on the frontline — the ones who use the system every day.

Congratulations to the latest
INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software Super-User!  

Karen Babych


Company: Alliance Strata Property Services

INFO-Tracker™ User Since: 2013

Company Background

Alliance Strata Property Services is a mid-sized strata management company located on central Vancouver Island. Since 2007 the company has been providing premium property management services to both residential and resort-style condominiums across British Columbia. Alliance Strata strives to create an environment that enables both residents and councils to enjoy the reason they purchased a condo in the first place — stress free living.

Karen’s Role

As a partner in Alliance Strata, Karen is responsible for overseeing the strategic use of INFO-Tracker™ within the company. In collaboration with Netintegrity’s professional services team, Karen develops internal systems and processes that work in conjunction with INFO-Tracker™ to create operational efficiencies and enhance the level of customer service the company is able to provide.

Karen receives comprehensive yet manageable training on INFO-Tracker's features and functions and then passes that knowledge on to the appropriate staff members. Karen is also responsible for system set up and custom configuration to suit the company’s needs. On a day-to-day basis she uses INFO-Tracker™ to assist her in key strata management tasks ranging from batch processing transactions in accounting, taking maintenance requests and generating work orders.

How INFO-Tracker™ Boosts Productivity

When we asked Karen how INFO-Tracker™ helps her to be more productive, we discovered that she is a firm believer in developing best practice procedures that work in tandem with technology to streamline processes and reduce human errors. She commented “INFO-Tracker™ has generated the biggest time-savings in processing owner payments, calculating special levies and retroactive fee adjustments. These are all done with the click of one button which saves us hours of work and delivers virtually error-free results.”

How INFO-Tracker™ Enhances Customer Service

Karen shared that having instant access to accurate real-time customer data has been a game changer for the company, enabling Alliance Strata to provide a level of service to its customers that is typically only possible for large enterprises that have an abundance of resources at hand.

"INFO-Tracker™ helps improve our service to customers" explains Karen, "by providing all of the information regarding their unit and strata on screen in front of us, while we are speaking with them. Employees are able to access areas that may not be directly within their scope of work and provide answers without the need to transfer the call to another staff member."

"A specific example of this would be when an owner calls regarding a strata fee payment question and then asks for an update regarding a maintenance request they submitted. With this system we can move from one area to another quite quickly and answer all of their questions. With our old system things were very disjointed and there was just no mechanism in place to do this. I would say that INFO-Tracker™ has put all the pieces together for us in one easy to use system."

How INFO-Tracker™ Supports Proactive Maintenance

Within the INFO-Tracker™ Maintenance module, work orders are attached to the owner's unit, creating a well documented history over time. "When you're looking at a particular unit you can see a history of perhaps the same thing happening" Karen explains, "so you're better able to schedule work or perhaps come up with a more permanent solution. Well documented work orders also help prevent the many little details of property maintenance from falling through the cracks. INFO-Tracker™ assists us in getting to things in a timely manner and taking care of any issues before they become major problems."

The Most Significant Benefit of INFO-Tracker™ — Bet you can't name just one!

When we asked Karen what has been the most significant benefit of INFO-Tracker™ for Alliance Strata, she gave us three answers — so we can only conclude that she had a difficult time choosing just one!  First off she named the capability for multiple users to view any updates to data in real time. Then she stated that the Accounting module by far has been the greatest time-saver, as it accurately performs batch processes with the click of one button; adding that they are also finding more and more efficiencies with the Maintenance module as they continue to roll that out.

Why choose INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software?

Kudos were given to Team INFO-Tracker™ when Karen stated, "The product development team are always open to feedback on how to improve the system, and on occasion a change has been made within 2 days of providing feedback. This is remarkable customer service!" Regarding training Karen said, "I share with Jennifer (Netintegrity's Senior Product Specialist) what we're up against and what we want to accomplish, and she points me to how we can use the system to optimize processes in that area."

Karen adds "If you're looking for a comprehensive system to handle all aspects of strata management, I highly recommend INFO-Tracker™. Although bringing on a new system is often perceived as daunting and time consuming, the entire team at Netintegrity is there for you, making every step of the process manageable. They keep you on track with implementation and are just an email or phone call away for support." (Honestly, these are Karen's words, not ours J

Further bringing Christmas early to our marketing team, Karen concludes, "INFO-Tracker™ will help any property management company to be more professional and save time in all processes involved in managing a property portfolio, creating a better working environment for your staff and easing the daily stresses of doing your job."

Thank you to Karen Babych, partner Dave Liddell and the entire Alliance Strata team, for continuing to make exceptional use of INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software.

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