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As INFO-Tracker’s Customer Experience Manager, I oversee non-technical inquiries from the initial point of contact through to resolution to the client’s satisfaction. I also act as liaison when needed, between customers and Netintegrity’s development and professional services teams, ensuring that the lines of communication remain open at all times.
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5 Common Questions Property Management Leads Ask (and How You Should Answer Them)

When it comes to marketing, there’s always a lot of talk about what strategies to use, where you should focus your efforts and what the most effective tools are for gathering leads. But what happens when all your hard work pays off? When those leads start rolling in, a good portion of them will inevitably have questions, and how you respond to those inquiries can spell success or result in failure. We’ve rounded up five commonly asked questions from property management leads and provided a little bit of direction as to how you should consider answering.

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5 Ways Property Managers Can Drive More Revenue

As a leader in the property management industry, you are already well aware of and probably play a significant role in the organizational goals that include revenue growth. Sometimes this can seem much easier said than done, especially given the amount of competition within the current marketplace. But with numbers to crunch and objectives to meet, there’s little time to waste pondering your options. Here are a few areas of opportunity to consider that may help fast track your company’s success.

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4 Communication Mistakes that Could Be Killing Your Property Management Connections

We recently shared some tips on how to make your professional networking more worthwhile. But what happens if you’re struggling with initiating that communication in the first place? The truth is, in property management, connecting with people on a daily basis is a critical part of doing your job, whether it’s getting help from a colleague, discussing something with your boss, contacting a client or reaching out to a vendor. More importantly, you have to do so effectively. If you are making any of the following four mistakes, it could be harming your chances for ongoing success.

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When (and How) to Say ‘No’ in the Property Management Industry

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5 Tips for More Meaningful Property Management Networking

In a world of increasingly digital communications it’s somewhat surprising to learn how much people still value face-to-face connections. In fact, 85% of professionals today say that in-person meetings allow them to build stronger, more meaningful business relationships. Networking with other like-minded individuals provides the opportunity to establish mutually beneficial professional connections. Additionally, the strategic collaboration and thought-sharing that is facilitated through networking can help drive creativity and innovation that can be applied within your property management business.

That being said, here are five tips to help you bring your networking skills to a whole new level.

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5 Tips for Managing Customer Expectations in Property Management

Every savvy business professional knows that keeping customers happy is a critical component of success. But what happens when something goes wrong, like an unexpected delay? Is there a way you can still salvage that relationship? In most cases, the answer is yes – provided you adequately manage the client’s expectations.

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5 Ways to Avoid Generational Bias in Your Property Management Company

We’ve all heard the mumblings. Millennials are lazy and entitled. Baby Boomers are technologically inept and unwilling to learn new things. Generational biases like this are alive and well in today’s workplace and when they are allowed to fester, they can stifle innovation and stagnate growth. Yet for many of us, these assumptions are ingrained in who we are. If we’re not careful, they can become a knee-jerk reaction with negative consequences for the business. To keep generational biases out of your property management firm, here are five things every leader will need to do.

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The 6 Keys to Success in the Property Management Industry

What does it take to run a successful property management company? While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, there are certain similarities that can be drawn from those firms that have established themselves as industry leaders. If you want to know the secrets to achieving the same degree of success for your own business, here are a few areas where you may want to focus your efforts.

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6 Things to Say to Keep Property Management Employees Happy and Engaged

Part of the job of someone in management is to lead, nurture and support the employees who report to them. The goal is not just to get people to do their jobs well, but to find a way to keep them happy, plugged in and engaged. The more satisfied your employees are, the better your property management company will run and less you’ll have to deal with the hassle and expense of high turnover. To work toward this goal, here are a few words of motivation and encouragement to add to your repertoire.

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Common Traits of Great Executive Property Management Leaders

Whether you’ve already reached the property management C-Suite or you’re currently working your way up the ranks, it can be helpful to know what things others who have already achieved success at the executive level have in common. While there are obviously no magic formulas or one-size-fits-all solutions to being a great leader, there are some characteristics that many in these positions share. Identifying, developing and nurturing these traits can help you achieve similar results. Let’s take a look at a few of these traits below.

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