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5 Ways Property Management Automation Can Transform Your Business

Posted by Mitchell Vinnitsky on Mar 5, 2019 6:00:00 AM

5 Ways Property Management Automation Can Transform Your BusinessThe workload of a property manager can seem never-ending. Whether it’s fielding calls from owners, handling complaints from tenants, making arrangements with contractors, and of course, all the administrative work that needs to be completed – the days can be downright grueling. And as the business grows, so does the volume of tasks. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and risk burning out. That’s where automation comes into play.

There are a lot of reasons to consider adopting property management software, though optimizing business practices is perhaps the most important. When the routine, mundane day-to-day workload is shifted from human to machine, productivity, efficiency and quality of work skyrocket. Here are a few specific ways property management automation can transform the way you do business.

Rent Collection – Automating the time-consuming but necessary task of rent collection through online payments can free your team up to focus their talents on more meaningful projects while simultaneously improving cash flow for your business. It’s also a more convenient option for tenants, which can boost satisfaction and retention levels.

Maintenance Requests – Property managers spend an enormous amount of time fielding maintenance requests – time that could be better applied elsewhere. By transitioning much of this workload to property management software, the entire process is streamlined and improved. That means fewer phone calls and, more importantly, fewer things slipping through the cracks.

Simplified Accounting – Manual bookkeeping and accounting activities, such as ledger entries, invoicing, batching, balancing and reporting are not only time consuming, but they also come with a high risk of human error. One misplaced decimal point could prove to be incredibly costly to your business. Transitioning the majority of these tasks over to software eliminates this risk.

Less Paperwork – Sifting through piles of papers, folders and filing cabinets to find the information you need is an unnecessary waste of time and effort. When you automate with property management software, everything becomes available at the click of a button, saving space and improving efficiency.

Better Reporting – Collecting, compiling and interpreting data for reporting purposes is a daunting task most property managers dread. But if you want to remain competitive, using data is a must. Software can make the entire process fast, easy and painless. Generate performance and financial reports in just seconds.

Being successful in such a competitive industry isn’t easy. To do so, you must find ways to streamline operations and optimize your business practices. Property management software is designed to do just that. Still not convinced? See it in action by scheduling a free interactive demo today.

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