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How to Find and Hire the Best Maintenance Contractors

With maintenance as one of the top activities for property managers, finding qualified, experienced and reliable contractors is essential. Unfortunately, it’s also easier said than done. Whether residential or commercial, properties must be tended to on a regular basis in order to remain profitable.

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5 Ways Property Management Automation Can Transform Your Business

The workload of a property manager can seem never-ending. Whether it’s fielding calls from owners, handling complaints from tenants, making arrangements with contractors, and of course, all the administrative work that needs to be completed – the days can be downright grueling. And as the business grows, so does the volume of tasks. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and risk burning out. That’s where automation comes into play.

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Types of Paid Time Off You Can Offer Your Employees

While offering paid time off isn’t mandatory, time away from work is a critical component of work-life balance. It’s also a perk many top employees value, which means the right policy could help make your property management company a more attractive place for talent. The good news is, there are a lot of different options available to you when it comes to creating and offering a time-off policy. Here are just a few of the many choices you can include.

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Leaders: Are You Out of Touch with Your Employees?

Strong leadership is crucial to a high-performing, happy property management team. The problem is, the longer a person holds a position of leadership, the more at risk they become of losing touch with their direct reports. Being able to periodically take a few steps back, introspect and identify the signs can help you avoid a career derailment and get you back on track. Below are three signs to watch for that might indicate it’s time for a shakeup.

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4 Rental Property Manager Skills that Drive Success

The most successful rental property managers know how to apply certain key skills to each unique situation they encounter. They are capable of handling whatever comes there way, can work with a wide variety of people at all levels and from all walks of life, and are able to manage even the most hectic schedule with ease. If you are considering a career in rental property management or expanding your existing portfolio of services to include rental properties, make sure you’ve got a good command of the following essential skill sets.

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4 Tips for Finding Top Property Management Talent

In today’s job market, not only is it difficult to find good employees, but it’s equally challenging to keep them. Modern workers are confident, aren’t afraid to ask for what they want and won’t think twice about moving on to greener pastures if another opportunity presents itself. As such, you may find yourself focusing more on staffing your property management company than you ever have before. To improve the chances of attracting, hiring and retaining top talent, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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When Should a Property Manager Inspect Rental Properties?

For property managers, keeping up with the status of your rental properties is essential. Drop the ball and you could potentially miss serious and costly problems that could otherwise have been prevented. On the other hand, if you overdo it with property inspections, it could have a negative impact on the relationship with your residents, which could lead to higher turnover. So, what’s the best approach?

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5 Signs it Might be Time to Pivot Your Business

Change is a natural part of business, especially in the property management industry. Oftentimes a company will reach a point at which strategic pivots are necessary, whether it’s in response to market changes, a new competitor on the horizon, to support growth initiatives or something else. How can you know when your business is ready to evolve into its next phase? Here are a few telltale (and not-so-obvious) signs to watch for. 

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The Three-Tiered Approach to Reducing Risk as a Property Manager

Whenever a business model includes third parties, the risks associated with that business go up. Such is the case with property managers. When you’re managing other people’s properties and some or all of those properties are being occupied by tenants, your business will automatically be exposed to risk in a variety of ways. For instance, there’s a chance a resident’s negligence could cause a fire, or that a renter may skip out on the last few months of their lease, leaving you holding the bag financially.

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How to Become a ‘Best Place to Work’

We recently shared a post that included several tips on hiring ‘A-players’ for your property management company. But while hiring the right people from the start is certainly important, keeping them for the long-haul is equally, if not more critical. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself back at square one again and again.

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