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5 Ways to Tell You’re True Property Management Leadership Material

Are executive leaders born or are they made? While it’s true that training, nurturing and experience can mold someone into a leader, in many cases, it’s an innate ability that is unique to each individual. Simply put, some people were just meant to be at the head of the pack and truly thrive in leadership positions. Wondering where you (or some of your property management team members) may fall on this spectrum? Let’s take a look at a handful of ways that you can tell the true signs of a strong, effective leader.

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Property Management Considerations for the New Age of Transportation: Part 1

It’s clear that the landscape of personal transportation is rapidly evolving in most major urban centers from coast to coast. This is largely driven by the Millennial generation, who place less importance on car ownership and are looking for ways to be both fiscally and environmentally responsible — which includes turning to such transportation alternatives as:

1. Electric and Autonomous Vehicles
2. Bicycles & Scooters
3. Car & Bike Sharing Services
4. Walking & Public Transit

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5 Major Property Management Employee Engagement Mistakes You Could Be Making

Without question, employees who are happy and engaged are much more productive, which means a better bottom line for your business. But what happens when it seems your team just isn’t plugged in? In many cases, qualified and highly valuable talent ends up disengaged, which can lead to higher turnover and an overall drop in morale. If you’ve noticed the mood around your office hasn’t exactly been uplifting, here are five things that might be at the root of the problem.

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Tips for Developing an Aggressive Growth Strategy for Your Property Management Company

Whether you’ve built your property management company from the ground up or you’ve stepped into an executive leadership role at an existing thriving enterprise, chances are there’s something you and your team are always striving for, and that’s growth. There are a number of different strategies for expanding your business, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on rapid, aggressive or intensive growth. If you are interested in pursuing this type of strategy, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

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5 Ways That Time Sheets Can Boost Property Maintenance Staff Morale

You might think that you misread the title of this blog post OR that we must be completely off our rockers. Because it’s pretty much a universal truth that no one in any industry enjoys filling out time sheets. However, we believe that the majority of workers loathe documenting their time spent on various jobs because historically it has been a tremendously daunting paper-based task. Imagine at the end of a busy day (or week) trying to accurately recall where you spent your time, what you did there, how long it took and what items were used from inventory.

Web-ready INFO-Tracker™ TimesheetLink™ makes it easy for your property maintenance staff to document time spent, materials used and any issues encountered as they complete each work order. Not only is it a lot less painful for them, but it gives you a more accurate view of the real-time status of each work order, how much resources are required for various jobs and the performance of individual maintenance employees.

It’s important to note that INFO-Tracker™ TimesheetLink™ is more than just a tool for your staff to submit their time sheets remotely. It’s a complete Work Order management system that organizes the scheduling and completion of jobs, provides relevant job details, sends alerts for urgent tasks and keeps property managers up to date on the current status of all work orders. 

Related Post: How to Persuade Your Property Maintenance Staff to Embrace Time Sheets

Here are 5 specific ways that this time sheet completion and work order management system can help boost the morale of your property maintenance staff.

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5 Reasons Your Property Management Business Needs a Podcast

When it comes to social media and getting your message out to the masses, most people think about networks, like Facebook and Twitter, or even a company blog. One lucrative and highly effective angle that you may not have considered, however, is the podcast – that is, audio recorded messages that can include everything from tips and tricks to a newsworthy announcement to an interview with an industry expert. And with more than 1 billion podcast subscriptions on iTunes alone, it’s obviously something that people are paying attention to. Here’s why you should consider tapping into this market for your own property management business.

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5 Ways to Use Social Proof to Boost Profits and Grow Your Property Management Business

In today’s digital age, gaining the trust of your prospects and customers isn’t always easy. Complicating matters is the fact that nameless, faceless individuals have the ability to influence others – people they don’t know and have never met – simply by posting about their experiences online. What this means for your property management company is that you have the opportunity to leverage the positive nature of this so-called “social proof” to spark relationships and nurture leads. Here’s how.

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Building Walls for a Better Property Management Future

In most cases the phrase “building walls” has a negative association of putting up barriers and blocking things (or people) out. However, as is happening with many industries, building design and construction is currently undergoing a revolution of sorts, as revolutionary ideas are being introduced to solve problems related to population growth and urban density and the corresponding stresses that these create on our existing energy infrastructure and our environment.

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5 Ways to Get Your Property Management Prospects to Book Faster

If you’ve spent any time in the business world, you already know that it can take several “touches” to convert a lead from prospect to paying customer, but what if there were a way that you could somehow speed up the process? What if you could implement certain steps that could push them through the funnel faster and help them make concise, confident sales decisions in your favor? The good news is there is! Here are five things you can start doing today to increase the speed and likelihood of someone booking your property management services.

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Property Management Leadership: 4 Key Questions to Maximize Your Decision Making

Decision making is a critical task that all leaders need to master at some point in their careers. Most of the time it involves every day, low-impact choices that ensure the business continues to run smoothly, but occasionally a decision must be made that could have lasting repercussions for months and even years to come. Sometimes as a leader you’ll be faced with having the final say in something that could potentially change the trajectory of your entire property management business. If you find yourself struggling with these major decisions, here are four key questions to ask yourself that can help bring clarity and confidence to the process.

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